Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Back!

Hi Friends!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL weekend!  I sure had a great weekend!  Did any of you craft this weekend?  I was planning on crafting/cleaning my craft space but I ended up getting side tracked so I didn't get much done this weekend.  I am still working on a special project for my friend, Carolanne (sorry it's taking me forever to get it done).  I will post pictures of it when I am finished with it!  Yesterday, I went to church & we had an AMZING service...went out to eat with some AMAZING people & came home to watch the PACKER vs. BEARS game!  It was a nail bitting game until the very last second!  I am happy to say that the PACKERS are going to the SUPER BOWL!!!!!  I am really excited that we get to go to the Super Bowl this year. 

I am not going to be posting any haul videos anytime soon, because I have TONS & TONS of craft items to use.  So until my stock piles dwindle down I will not be getting ANY craft items unless its something like adhesive or pop dots!  Will any of you join me & Carolanne in this no shopping challenge?!?  It's going to be tough but I think if we do it together we can make it!  I have already broke and have gotten 3 Cricut Lite carts., but no more craft shopping for this girl! 

Well I have to get going.  I need to start making dinner (making marinated chicken with loaded baked potatoes)...  Have a GREAT day!


P.S.  Happy Birthday, Robyn(My Pink Stamper)!  Hope your day is filled with tons of laughs and new memories!


  1. Glad you had a great weekend!! I am so glad others are joining me for my "no shopping" challenge. So far I am doing great. I have to avoids haul vids and stores at all cost!!! :) Hope you have a great week.


  2. Sounds like you had a great time. I've just given you a stylish blogger award. Stop by my blog to pick it up. :)


  3. Glad your have a wonderful weekend..
    Just became a new follower..Would love it if you decided to follow my blog.