Friday, February 18, 2011

New Toy!!

Hi Craft friends!

I got a new toy!  I got a GYPSY!!  I am soooo excited to start playing around with it once I get it updated and everything.  I will be posting lots of new things shortly.  Thanks for understanding that I couldn't post for a few days.  My uncle was rushed into the hospital last week due to a stroke.  Then I fell on some ice at my house and hurt my hand pretty bad so it's been pretty hard to craft.  My hand is doing better though so I am hoping to be back to crafting shortly. 

Hope your all doing well!



  1. Wow Angela ~ sounds like you had a rough last few days! I too fell on the ice - but luckily - i didnt hurt my hand! (my sister did -got a big cut on her palm from an ice fall!) and sorry to hear about your uncle - hope all is ok with him. You are going to love your Gypsy - hope you get to have fun with it soon! Diane

  2. Sorry to hear about your misfortunes the past couple of weeks. Hopefully things will get better for you and your family. On the brighter note, you will LOVE the Gypsy. I never stick cartridges in my Expression anymore. I create everything in either Design Studio and save it to the Gypsy or just create it in the Gypsy. You will be very glad you got it!!!

  3. im getting really fustrated with my G! i can't get it to download and my screen was freezing, but i'm trying to update it yet again. i hope i dont have to send it to PC cause it took over 3 wks to get here from the place i ordered it from and on top of it where i ordered it from sent it to the wrong person so i had to wait extra long...

  4. Hope your hand gets better very soon! I am a new follower...if you want to come see me, I'm at :)
    Have fun with your gypsy!!!!

  5. Hi Gina!

    Welcome! Thanks for being a follower!

    Update on my Gypsy: I finally got my Gypsy updated yesterday (Thursday). Just in time too 'cause I'm going to a crop tonight! I will be checking out your blog! Well I should finish getting my things ready for the crop I will post tomorrow or Monday!

  6. Sorry for your troubles, hope your uncle is better and your hand is healed. I enjoy your blog and have given you an award at
    Take care Hugs janet

  7. I know how excited I was when I got my new toy about a year 1/2 age. Icouldn't put it down for days Have Fun!!!